Diabetic Socks
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Diabetic Socks

The Ultimate Protection vs. Foot Infections

Lower amputations due to diabetes are a growing concern in the USA and doctors are recommending the use of diabetic socks to prevent the onset of blisters and sores that can lead to serious complications in diabetic patients.

Diabetic Socks, Defined

Wearing shoes can cause a diabetic harm. The lack of sensation in the feet deters the diabetic from sensing the presence of blisters or irritations on the feet caused by moisture. Because there is poor blood circulation in the feet, the blister develops fast into ulcers or deep wounds. To protect the feet, diabetic socks are recommended.

Diabetic socks are chiefly synthetic materials or a combination of cotton, nylon, and elastic fibers. These are seamless to prevent any undue pressure on the skin and are padded for added cushioning and comfort. The design of these socks prevents compression in the feet and lower leg area already affected by poor circulation; and as a rule, these socks should keep the feet cool and dry at all times.

Diabetes and Diabetic Socks

When diabetes strikes, the feet get much of the punishment. Sensation is diminished due to nerve damage and impaired blood circulation. When a blister occurs, even a pimple-sized blister, this can create complications that may lead to unavoidable lower limb or foot amputation. The damage to the nerves is caused by or may be triggered by the combination of the following factors: high blood glucose, damaged blood vessels, and inflammation linked to diabetes.

To prevent feet problems, diabetic socks have thicker padding, are looser than regular socks, and have wider cuffs. The looseness of the socks prevents compression on the lower legs and feet, promoting blood circulation in these areas. Since these socks should be worn at all times, they should be extremely comfortable. Recommended materials for diabetic socks are cotton or wool, which help the feet breathe.

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