Diabetic Socks
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Cotton Diabetic Socks

Foot care is essential in people suffering from diabetes. A large number of amputations result from diabetes due to neuropathy when the patients are not able to feel foot injuries. Doctors warn that diabetic patients should not be barefoot and thus socks are needed to cover and protect the feet. Diabetic socks play an important role in self-care of the feet related problems. A lot of problems result from diabetes when the patients are not able to move around and be active in daily life. Thus precautions should be taken for proper care of the feet. Therefore, cotton diabetic socks play an important role in avoiding the complications of diabetes. Diabetics are more prone to foot ulcers and feet troubles owing to increased blood sugar level.

The feet of diabetics should be dry. There should be no fungal growth due to moisture. The dryness of the skin of the feet in patients with diabetes depends on the fabric of the socks. When choosing the right fabric for the socks, the doctors and professionals recommend cotton socks. Cotton is a natural fiber and has a lower moisture property. The main reason of recommending cotton as a suitable fabric for diabetic socks is absorbency. Cotton diabetic socks are better in dealing with perspiration or moisture in the feet.

Cotton diabetic socks in dark colors should be avoided as the dye of the fabric may not be colorfast and may bleed in the wounds. Knee high socks should be avoided. These socks should be changed frequently. These socks should be worn at all times. Socks which are tight should be avoided. They should fit well so that there is no pressure due to the fabric of the socks. Cotton diabetic socks prevent sweating by allowing the feet to breathe. These socks are seamless, thus reducing the blisters. The top of the socks should be loose increasing the blood circulation.

Cotton diabetic socks should not be worn during exercise. There is compression of fibers over time and cotton is not good for wicking away the moisture from the skin to the outside of the fabric of the socks for evaporation, making the feet moist, prone to fungal infections. Thus, when exercising, socks made of acrylic fiber should be preferred to the cotton one.

A wide range of cotton diabetic socks in available in many colors and styles for both men and women. They can be easily bought online or from diabetic sock manufacturers or medical stores. Only high quality socks should be purchased from the best and reputed brands. The right kind of diabetic socks should be purchased as per the recommendation of doctor or podiatrist.

Cotton diabetic socks are special socks that improve circulation and provide comfort to diabetics. They have unique property prevention of moisture formation resulting in a dry feet, an essential step in foot health in diabetes. Thus cotton diabetic socks are an ideal gift for a friend diagnosed with diabetes.

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