Diabetic Socks
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Diabetic Compression Socks

Diabetes is a common and serious ailment and diabetic compression socks can help in curing and preventing it. Especially helping in providing comfort to people with type 2 diabetes, these socks help in combating poor circulation of blood.

They are available in a variety of compression levels mostly in a range of 15-20 mmhg to 50-60 mmhg. The compression is measured in mmhg. The correct level of gradient pressure should be chosen as per the doctors' advice. These socks have a gradient compression impact that gives massage to the leg muscles. These socks may give variable compression putting maximum pressure on the ankle, a reduced level on the mid calf and minimum at the area below the knee.

A wide range of comfortable and attractive socks in different colors and multiple sizes is available for both men and women. In looks, they resemble ordinary socks. They are light and dry. Compression socks can be bought in both opaque and sheer varieties. They come in many types. Men's compression socks are of the main types-calf or knee compression, thigh compression and pantyhose compression.

Diabetic compression socks are made of cotton fabric making them breathable without the retention of moisture. They may have anti-bacterial properties preventing odor and formation of bacteria. They are seamless and are suitable for active people as well as those who stand and sit for long time; for those with sensitive skin thereby reducing skin allergies. They are suitable for dermatological problems.

They play an important role in taking care of the feet in diabetes. People suffering from diabetes often face circulation problems in the foot. Diabetic compression socks are specially designed for helping in feet related problems. They regulate foot temperature and prevent varicose veins. Thus, diabetics can take advantage of this high technology socks and keep their feet healthy. The principle on the basis of which these socks are made is the compression therapy according to which warmth is generated and circulation is improved when there is compression in the feet. These socks put pressure on the veins which enhances circulation and there is a better flow of blood in the legs. This eliminates pain, and damage to the tissues. These socks prevent swelling in ankle and feet and reduce ulcers. They are comfortable and give support. They are helpful in reducing tiredness. Thus diabetic compression socks are safe for the diabetic foot.

They should be put on in the morning and worn till night. When worn they might feel tight. They are easily available online or at medical sock store. Diabetic compression socks should neither be too tight nor too loose. Only high quality compression socks must be chosen so that they do not become restrictive and give support. They should be made of additive free material without the use of dyes or chemicals. As a medical aid, they play an important role in the management of diabetes.

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