Diabetic Socks
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Diabetic Crew Socks

People who are suffering from diabetes often suffer from ailments of the foot. They may face problems of blood circulation in the legs. Thus, they need to take extra care of their feet. The doctor may recommend diabetic crew socks when diagnosed with diabetes. They are specially made diabetic socks of crew length. They are also useful in neuropathy, and edema. They provide comfort and protection, thereby aiding in keeping the feet healthy. They are large enough to fit the swollen feet. They may be cushioned and thick for better shock absorption and softness, performance and protection. High quality of crew socks is necessary for the health of diabetics.

The podiatrist may help in the proper selection of the socks as per the condition of the patient. These crew socks have a light level of compression 8-15 mmhg as per the physicians' recommendation. A better circulation results from this mild compression. Diabetic crew socks are ideal for daily wear. They give support up to the mid calf. They can be worn with shorts or trousers. They are perfect when sitting for long and in a static state. These socks are cool and dust-busting. They keep away the sweat.

The diabetic crew socks helps in the prevention of bacteria and fungi, removing odor. This has been clinically proven through lab tests. The socks prevent the condition of athlete's foot. The fiber of the socks keeps the feet dry and cool and free from blisters by its moisture-wicking property providing maximum comfort. The crew socks prevent irritation and fungal infection. The top of the socks is non binding aiding in circulation of blood by keeping the socks up. The heel may be contoured and the toe pockets are so designed so as to fit properly preventing slipping. The top of the socks are extra wide, thus reducing pressure. They have mild gradient compression. However, at times the diabetic crew socks may feel slippery when worn without shoes.

Some of the diabetic crew socks may have hand linked stitch making it seamless. They may be made of acrylic yarn. The fiber of the socks may be a blend of polyester with other fibers such as cotton, nylon, lycra, spandex and others. Made of high technology fiber, the socks should be machine washed with warm water. They dry quickly.

Diabetic crew socks can be bought online at eBay and other websites. They are also available at Amazon in unisex style for men and women and in a wide range of colors such as white, grey, brown, navy blue and black and in sizes 6-8, 9-11, 10-13 and 13-15. Foot health can be improved in diabetics by the use of quality diabetic crew socks. Best brands of these socks should be bought. They are an ideal gift for someone with diabetes, contributing to their good health.

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