Diabetic Socks
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Diabetic socks for men

Diabetic feet are sensitive requiring special care and attention. The most common and upsetting ailments related to diabetes are reduced sensation, swelling and pain in the foot. Every year, a large number of amputations result from diabetes. Men suffer harder from diabetes related complaints. To reduce these and other related problems in feet, they should use the specially made diabetic socks. Men with diabetes should make an effort to care for and pay attention to their feet. As compared to women, men have a higher chance of developing feet blisters and related injuries. The use of diabetes socks is important in keeping the feet healthy, to comfort and protect them. They yield the moisture, preventing bacteria and odor. Clinical tests have proved that they enhance circulation to the feet.

A revolutionary advancement towards treating diabetes, a wide range of men's diabetic socks is available in the market. Men's diabetic socks can be bought online at Amazon where the price of one dozen pair of socks is $17.99.

Made of superior quality material, they may be of double sole with bacteria prohibiting property due to its moisture wicking effect keeping the feet drier. They prevent formation of moisture due to sweat. Non elastic, made of pure cotton and wool, ideal in people with heart conditions, they aid in blood circulation. They may be padded to protect against blisters. Another type is the gel padded one which absorbs shock. The top part of the diabetic socks is loose providing a better flow of blood in the feet. They do not cause skin irritation. They are better than the normal socks, as they are less abrasive, the seams being eliminated.

Comfortable and gentle to wear, not too tight and an elastic free cuff that prevents pinching are some of the qualities should be kept in mind while choosing good quality diabetic socks for men. Another quality of these socks is that often they have antibiotic properties due to some special fibers which are woven. Socks of reputed brands must be selected and bought. If the foot is swollen, choose a larger size in order to be comfortable.

The wide ranges of socks available are over or under calf, ankle, crew and quarter socks. The crew socks that gives support up to mid calf is for everyday wear. Worn with shorts or under trousers, they are useful for sitting, working on the feet and when not moving around freely. This kind of socks stimulates return blood circulation through its compression which is mild and graduated. It gives comfort to tired and painful feet.

Diabetic socks for men have an important role in caring for the risky diabetic foot. They provide great relief in feet related troubles and are a scientific tool in the management of diabetes.

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