Diabetic Socks
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Diabetic Socks For Women

A preventive step in the care of the feet, diabetic socks are specially designed for people with diabetes who are prone to foot ulcers and other feet related ailments due to increased level of blood sugar. They are beneficial in preventing leg complications in such cases, enhancing comfort and improving health. Since the feet of diabetics is sensitive and may have pain and swelling, diabetic socks prevent damage and give comfort. Diabetic socks for women are seamless diabetic socks available in a wide range of colors as crew and quarter socks. They made be made of a cotton and nylon blend. Non binding, its top should be loose.

One of the most common problems in diabetes is numbness in the feet. The feet and legs need to be protected from cuts, blisters, and wounds due to neuropathy which may result into infections. Thus, to protect from foot related ailments due to diabetes, diabetic socks should be used. Unlike regular socks, they are soft and seamless and prevent chafing, thus minimizing constriction in the feet and improving circulation.

There are some common features and qualities of diabetic socks for women. They are large so as to accommodate the swollen feet. The lower calf being spacious gives a good fitting. With no seams, the toes are kept close preventing irritation. Some types of diabetic socks may have antimicrobial properties and may prevent bacteria and foot odor. Mostly, they are made of acrylic fibers. Their moisture wicking property makes the feet dry. These socks for women have a casual look and one cannot differentiate it from the ordinary socks.

There are some negative qualities of diabetic socks that make it unfit for use. Firstly, avoid tube socks and those with seams and also the traditional cotton socks as they do not keep the moisture away. Lastly, socks with elastic bands are not good for proper circulation. Large size socks should be bought for those with large feet. Women's diabetic socks in different styles and colors are available. High quality, well fitted, durable and comfortable socks aiding in circulation should be chosen. They help in preventing problems due to moisture and pressure. Diabetic socks should be chosen after discussing with a podiatrist who may help in properly guiding in choosing the proper socks as per the patient's condition.

Diabetic socks for women can be purchased directly from manufacturers and the medical supplies distributors. They should be purchased only from reputed suppliers to ensure high quality. They can be bought online too at eBay and other websites. They are not covered by medical insurance and may be expensive.

Diabetic socks for women are crucial for taking care of the feet. Ailments related to the feet in diabetes, one of the causes of amputation can be checked and reduced by the use of diabetic socks.

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