Diabetic Socks
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How To Choose Diabetic Socks

There are different diabetic socks for different needs. But the first rule is, choose socks that your doctor recommends because your particular case will best respond to this suggestion. In addition, the doctor's counsel gives you the confidence when picking out your pair of diabetic socks.

If you need added cushioning on feet soles or heels, select padded socks. Padded socks minimize the danger of foot abrasions caused by the foot's constant rubbing against the insides of the shoes.

Cotton and nylon socks are best because these absorb sweat and allows for fast evaporation, allow air circulation, and prevent odor and bacteria. These should stretch well but must be durable. Cotton and nylon socks should have loose tops to aid blood circulation to the feet; so check out that the tops fit to be sure they do not bite into the flesh.

Purchase different socks appropriate for different activities. If you need more leg support, socks that extend to the knees would provide that support. Ankle or quarter socks are great for running or other sporting activities.

For everyday use, the crew socks offer flexibility for different physical activities. For cold weather, longer socks over or around the calf area will give the warmth the feet need. Lastly choose socks of lighter colors so it is easy for you to detect blood pooling from undetected blisters or an existing wound.

If you are diabetic or have a loved one affected by the disease, choose the best diabetic socks available suited to your needs.

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